weight loss program

Lose weight quickly and safely under the supervision of a physician. 

Our program puts patients on a series of dietary supplements to suppress appetite and increase metabolism. This in combination with our detailed instructions on diet and exercise leads to rapid results. 

Getting Started

Dr. Desai caters his program to each patient individually. Each patient must first have an EKG and blood test to establish that he or she is in proper health. Once the doctor has verified the patient is in good condition to participate, he is ready to begin! 

The weight loss program includes:

  • Lipovite injections to increase metabolism 
  • Diet pills to suppress appetite
  • HCG injections
  • Diet vitamins
  • Protein bars and shakes 

The doctor my also recommend Zerona treatments which liquify fat to make it easier for the body to burn. To learn more about Zerona click HERE