Rohit Desai, MD

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Dr. Desai has been practicing in Stone Mountain since 1990. He was proud to open his second location in Duluth in 2009.   

Dr. Desai is a board certified family physician and has been practicing in Atlanta since 1989. He is a graduate of the University of Mumbai in India, with post graduate training in OBST and Gynecology. He was trained in internal medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans, and is a principal clinical investigator actively involved in various clinical research trials. Due to tremendous support from his patients, Dr. Desai was proud to open his second location in Duluth, GA. 

In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf and watching tennis. He loves animals, and would love to go on an African Safari or visit the tiger preserve in Myrtle Beach for a third time. He also has a weakness for sports cars and Labrador Retrievers. 


I take a special interest in making sure my patients maintain a healthy weight as it is the key to preventing health problems down the road.
— Dr. Desai